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SeekiNF(Search Engine to Extract Knowledge from Industry Filings) is a cloud-based technology that provides searchable interface within different levels of resolutions in SEC filings. SeekiNF provides tremendous opportunities for gathering information related to accounting, finance, marketing, tax, law, etc. to conduct research and develop various risk assessment models including financial risk and fraud risk using financial and non-financial information. It is incredibly fast, gets the results in seconds. In short, SeekiNF is a Complete System, Second to None with its own Database and Incredible Search Engine.

Four Dimensions of SeekiNF

  1. Search: Search for specific issues/concerns in SEC Filings and PCAOB Inspection Reports in seconds (e.g., which companies are involved in litigation, patent infringement, wrongful termination, or mentioning "we may never be profitable" in their annual report, etc.)
  2. Obtain: Obtain information/data not available from any source. Examples: executives bios and compensation, business address, fiscal year end, Tax ID, State of Incorporation, audit committee members, unique balance sheet items, etc.
  3. Perform: Perform textual analyses of all 33 million documents in no time with built-in features (e.g., Word counter, counter, Proximity Counter with order, Word distribution, and six readability indices).
  4. Download: Download all the searched data in HTML and Excel Files on your system for your future reference and analyses.

Other Unique Features of SeekiNF

  • Incredibly fast, output result in seconds
  • Search by specific resolution
    • Paragraph
    • Table
    • Footnote
    • Audit Report
    • SOX 404 Management Reports
    • SOX 404 Audit Reports
    • MD&A
  • Search by SIC & CIK codes
  • Search one type of filing or all types of filings
  • Search one company, or a set of companies or all the companies
  • Download output in MS Excel Spreadsheet
  • Search using Boolean logic "Exact phrase", "All the words", "Any of the words", and "Not this word".
  • Search using Proximity Search: two words within any number n>1 of words of each other
  • Search using Wild card
  • Find distribution of top 20 words with or without stop words
  • Download distribution of all the words in a searched document in MS Excel Spreadsheet
  • Get all the documents of a specific type by typing "a | the" without the quotes in "With the exact phrase".

Conference Call Transcripts

The transcripts of the conference calls containing information of "Who says What?" along with the designation of the person spoken, for all the companies (that filed the information with SEC) for years 1994-2018 is available!!

  • Query the system using Company, CIK or SIC and get the entire transcript in seconds.
  • Get the date and time of the Conference Call, name and designation of the speaker and the text spoken.
  • Download your search results to Excel Spreadsheet.

See few examples on how to search for information using SeekiNF.

Power Features of SeekiNF

  • Boolean Logic with multiple words and phrases containing words like 'a', 'in', 'if', 'no', 'of', 'to', etc. (Watch the video given on the back for Examples 3 & 4)
  • Proximity Search: Search for two words within any number of words (Watch the video given on the back for Example 5)
  • Display few words before & few words after a phrase/word (Watch the video for Example 6)
  • Counters for multiple phrases, words, and sentences (Watch the video for Example 7)
  • Proximity Counter with order or no order two words within few words (Watch the video for Example 8)
  • Built in Readability Metrics (Six readability indices)

Unique Additional databases

  • Subsidiaries database by year and country, along with their addresses.
  • Conference call transcripts (who said what?) for the last 24 years (1994-2018).
  • Company specific information for the years 1994-2018 from 10K such as: CIK, Company Name, Business Address with Zip Code and Phone Number, Mailing Address with Zip Code, Filing Date, Date Accepted, Period of Report, IRS No., State of Incorporation, Fiscal Year End.
  • File Analyses for all 10Ks for 24 years (1994-2018): Word Count, Word Count without Numeric, Total Number of Sentences, and six readability indices: Gunning Fog, Smog, Flesch Reading Ease, Flesch Kincaid Grade Level, Automated Readability Index, Coleman Liau.

Helpful Hints

Use of Exact Phrases using Boolean Logic

You can search any(all) document(s) with a combination of exact phrases with "AND", "OR", or any combination. SeekiNF uses "+" for AND, "|" for OR, and "-" for negation with or without space before and after the symbol. Make sure that the symbol for negation is "-", not the hyphen. Type the phrases in the "With the exact phrase" slot without quotes. Suppose we have three phrases represented by A, B, & C.

  • For AND logic, type the phrases separated by + sign as: A + B + C
  • For OR logic, type the phrases separated by | symbol as: A | B | C
  • For AND and OR: such as A&(B or C): Type: A + (B | C)
  • For AND and negation such as "A & B & notC". Type: A + B - C
  • For OR and Negation such as "(A or B)& notC". Type: (A | B) - C

Some Important points to remember:

  • "With the exact phrase" and "Proximity Search" work together as "AND" logic.
  • "With the exact phrase" and "With all the words" together work as "AND" logic.
  • "With the exact phrase" and "With any one of the words" work as "OR" logic.
  • "Without the words" would work only when you are using another criterion.
  • The Wild card search will not work in "With the exact phrase" and "Proximity Search".

Subsidiaries (Ex-21 of 10-K)

The list of all the Subsidiaries, including the country of the subsidiary, for all the companies for years 1994-2018 is available!!

  • Query the system using Company, CIK or SIC and get the list of all the subsidiaries with the country it is located in seconds.
  • Get the count of US subsidiaries and non-US subsidiaries separately.
  • Download your search results to Excel Spreadsheet.

In addition, we have a Request Form through which our users can submit their data requests anytime and get the data automatically. If you have any specific data request that couldn't be obtained automatically, please let us know and our technical team will be very happy to help you with it.

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